Igor Gamow

Igor and Kim

Shakespeare famously wrote, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And each in his time plays many parts”. I will be 80 this year and I am considering my fourth and final part in my play of life to be an activist who would strive to initiate the first steps to create a new Federal Agency addressing some of my present concerns. My first three parts were, in chronological order, a dancer, a professor and an entrepreneur. In 1953 I became estranged from my parents and pursued tirelessly for 5 years to make a career in dance. Without my knowledge my father, George Gamow, was following my “career” during these years via newspaper articles about some of my antics, none of them involving sadly my dancing. Two years ago we adopted our 7th German Shepherd, Solo, who is the spitting image of my original Kim. For 5 years Kim and I tooled around Washington D.C. with Kim on the gas tank of my Indian Chief motorcycle. Because of our new dog’s similarity to Kim I unearthed father’s original 1950 photo album and made copies of the relevant pages he created. I will consider posting some newer political material on Facebook in the near future.

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