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Caution: Physicists at Play

R. Igor Gamow

Of all the academic projects I have done, writing this book has been pure pleasure. Well, of course, this is true because for the most part I have only collected writings from other authors as well as some of my own past writings. I have collected three stories that I have known since childhood. And just to emphasize how playful my father was I am including a birthday card from him for my 31st birthday.

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The Professor's Daughter

Igor Gamow (Author) and Piers Plowman (Illustrator)

The Professor's Daughter is the story of a recently widowed Professor trying to reconcile with his estranged daughter by explaining his unconventional lifestyle. Though at first she wants no part of it, curiosity wins out and both she and the reader are taken on a rich and ribald tale of a man who truly loved women.

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The Professor and the Pirates

R. Igor Gamow

Through storytelling, he has earned the love and respect of his daughter and endured the trials of mourning his beloved wife. Now, just weeks after the tragedy that shook his entire world, the Professor has important decisions to make.

As he embarks on his yearly solo sailing trip, he contemplates whether to keep sailing into oblivion or to return to his previous life. But when his small sailboat is boarded by Russian pirates, that decision is quickly—and violently—ripped out of his control.

Now bruised, broken, and missing key parts of his memory, the Professor finds himself aboard a disguised World War II gunboat—and much to the happiness of the pirate crew on board, he has somehow acquired the culinary skills of a master chef. While he faces new death-defying adventures on the high seas, will the professor-turned-pirate eventually unearth the clues he needs to unlock the secrets of his past?

The action-packed second installment in a series, The Professor and the Pirates reveals the fate of the eponymous Professor in a swashbuckling tale of high-stakes adventure you’ll have to read to believe.

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